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TRIZ Fest 2015


en: A New Analysis Model - SAFC Model

Author(s): Wucheng Zhang, Mike Min Zhao

en: A Products Planning Approach by TRIZ and IIM

Author(s): Heikan Izumi, Manabu Sawaguchi

en: Advanced Function Approach in Modern TRIZ

Author(s): Naum B. Feygenson, Oleg N. Feygenson

en: Applications of Purpose Axis as a part of Multi Screen Thinking

Author(s): Yoon Hong-yul

en: Applying System Thinking in Evolutionary Trends

Author(s): Arthur Lok

en: Applying TRIZ Across Companies

Author(s): Robert Adunka, Tiziana Bertoncelli, Martha Gardner, Oliver Mayer

en: Approach to Knowledge Systematization

Author(s): Victor Berdonosov, Elena Redkolis

en: Creativity and Innovation Process

Author(s): Mark G. Barkan

en: Development of Symbiotic Systems and Products


en: Evolution of Electric Vehicles - a TRIZ Based Approach

Author(s): Vinodh Mewani, G. Nagashiresha

en: Identification of Conceptual Directions at the Initial Project Stage

Author(s): Yuri I. Fedosov, Pavel Sedykh

en: In Situ Magnetizer with TRIZ

Author(s): Tiziana Bertoncelli, Alexander Fiseni, Jan Hemmelmann, Oliver Mayer

en: Input VAT Recovery

Author(s): Antoni Baszczeski

en: MyTRIZ Journey in Malaysia

Author(s): Eng Hoo Tan, Teong San Yeoh

en: Network Analysis of TRIZ Principles and Contradiction Maps to Recommend Research Orientation and Patent Strategy

Author(s): Anand Biswas, Vinodh Mewani, Srikanth Tadepalli

en: Numerical Construction of S-Curves Using the TRIZ tool of Trends of Engineering System Evolution (TESE)

Author(s): Anand Biswas, Vinodh Mewani, Srikanth Tadepalli

en: One Day at the Museum – Using a Museum as Resource for Teaching and Learning TRIZ

Author(s): Robert Adunka, I. Faller, Sergey Ikovenko, Jürgen Jantschgi, A. Lovich, C. Münzberg, Sylvyo Nähter, Thomas Neumuth, R. Tharmann, Christian M. Thurnes

en: Perspectives for Development of Automatized Enterprise Management Systems

Author(s): Victor Berdonosov, Alena Zhivotova

en: Practice for solving problems and generating new concepts based on TRIZ-DAGEV roadmap

Author(s): Jung-Hyeon Kim, Jae-Min Lee, Jun-Young Lee, Hyung-Seok Yeo

en: Redesigning the Way Future Engineers Learn to Solve Inventive Problems

Author(s): Aisha Mahmood, Muhammad Mansoor, Zulhasni Abdul Rahim, Mariam Altaf Tarar

en: Research on Clip Improvement in Heavy Haul Railway Line Based on TRIZ

Author(s): Yang Jizhong, Hu Lianjun, Zheng Xiaoyan, Yuan Zhigang

en: Research on TRIZ Integrated Affordance Analysis

Author(s): Shi Dongyan, Ren Gaohui, Zhang Hong, Li Zhen

en: Simplification of System of Standard Solutions for TRIZ beginners using MAR Operator

Author(s): Trizit Benjaboonyazit

en: Statistic Study of an Alternative Way to Formulate a Pair of Engineering Contradictions so as to Seek for Solutions Which Satisfy the Contradictory Requirements of its Equivalent Physical Contradiction

Author(s): Oleg N. Feygenson, Stéphane Savelli

en: Systematic Business Innovation: a Roadmap

Author(s): Valeri V. Souchkov

en: Teaching, Learning and Applying TRIZ at University

Author(s): Issac Lim Sing Sheng

en: Khoo Boon How (Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), Malaysia),

Author(s): Tan Eng Hoo

en: The Application of Bionics Combined with TRIZ Thinking in the Insulator Detecting Robot Design

Author(s): Zhen Li, Peiyuan Wang, Wenlong Wang, He Xu, Baochao Zong

en: The New Approach to Problem-Solving Algorithm

Author(s): Hyun-Soo Ahn, Hak-Shon Han, Sang-Ha Kim, Sang-Il Lee, Gwang-Seob Shin, Min-Soo Shin

en: The Way to Define the Goal of Problems

Author(s): You-Shin Han, Ahreum Lee, Sergey A. Logvinov, Sansung Park

en: Trend of Transition of Engineering Systems to Microlevel Today and Tomorrow

Author(s): Yuri Danilovsky, Sergey Ikovenko, Rajesh Menon

en: TRIZ used in iCPA, a Tech Startup

Author(s): Joseph Patrick B. Roxas, Karlo Tablizo

en: TRIZ Systematic Innovation Framework and Program to Support a Government Link Company’s Innovation Policy

Author(s): Mohd Sufian Abdul Karim

en: TRIZ, Qualimetry and Marketing: Three Different Approaches to Measuring the Competitive Ability of the Future Products

Author(s): Garry Azgaldov, Yuri Danilovsky, Alexander Kostin, Alexander Kynin, Alexander Priven

en: TRIZ-Based Cause and Effect Chain Analysis vs Root Cause Analysis

Author(s): Oleg Y. Abramov

en: TRIZ-based Innovative Concept Design of a Small Mobile Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Author(s): Thursday Emmanuel, Zhao Xin-jun

en: Universal Unsolvable Problem and Process of Resolving It

Author(s): Sehoon Cho, Leonid A. Kaplan, Eric Prévost

en: "Voice of Product" to Supplement "Voice of Customer"

Author(s): Oleg Y. Abramov