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TRIZ Fest 2016


en: A knowledge inspired trimming method based on TRIZ

Author(s): Runhua Tan, Shi Weigang, Fei Yu, Erjia Zhang

en: A system of standard inventive solution patterns for business and management problems

Author(s): Joseph Patrick B. Roxas, Valeri V. Souchkov

en: Accelerated TRIZ project execution

Author(s): Stéphane Savelli

en: An analysis of marxist philosophy in TRIZ theory

Author(s): Li Bo, Gu Mingqin, Zhang Rui, Wu Shuqin

en: Appcessories as novel type of the hybrid devices: description and TRIZ recommendations for development


en: Application of flow analysis to study losses in power transmission and distribution

Author(s): Vinodh Mewani, G. Nagashiresha

en: Application of TRIZ concepts in teaching effective research communication skills

Author(s): Emanuel Leleito, Kiyohisa Nishiyama

en: Application of TRIZ in advanced manufacturing system

Author(s): Sun Xiaofeng, , Zhang Ying

en: Application of TRIZ to the evolution and development of systems engineering process models

Author(s): Hyman Duan, , Alp Lin

en: Combining hidden customer need tools and MPV to generate product concept

Author(s): Arthur Lok

en: Conjugate evolution - two new evolutionary sub-trends

Author(s): Mike Min Zhao

en: Coupled functions formulation

Author(s): Yuri V. Lebedev, Sergey A. Logvinov

en: Deep understanding and applying flow analysis, simplified detective flow classification models

Author(s): Jun Li, Mike Min Zhao

en: Definition of system innovation degree and its applications

Author(s): Bill Yuanbo Liu, Michael Yongmou Liu

en: Design of hanging chair based on TRIZ

Author(s): Jiang Fan, Chen Wenxin, Wang Yijun, Zheng Zhijun

en: Developing creative and critical thinking skills in next generation workforce

Author(s): Mark G. Barkan, Anatoly Guin

en: Flow analysis of business systems (case study and theoretical results)

Author(s): Dmitri A. Bakhturin

en: Genrich Altshuller and Peter Drucker: alternative approaches to solving problems. A comparative analysis

Author(s): Naum B. Feygenson, Oleg N. Feygenson

en: Innovation design of folding bicycle based on TRIZ theory

Author(s): Qiong Wu, Zhao Xin-jun

en: Learning TRIZ and usit by tackling real-world problems: a case study

Author(s): W. Mallinson

en: Learning TRIZ through lithography-electronics co-evolution

Author(s): Anatoly Bourov, Wu Fei, Leping Zheng

en: Master students learning TRIZ at the university: past experiences, future plans, and best practices

Author(s): Lars Hellberg, Johan Scheers

en: Operation principle definition through patent practices

Author(s): Sergey Ikovenko

en: Organization innovation employing TRIZ under quality innovation management system framework

Author(s): Kim Hung Lai

en: Popularization and application of TRIZ in internet economy

Author(s): Huangye Li, , Georgi A. Severinets, Jian Wang

en: Problems and countermeasures in promoting TRIZ in China

Author(s): Isak Bukhman, Huangye Li

en: Product-oriented MPV analysis to identify voice of the product

Author(s): Oleg Y. Abramov

en: Research on the ranking method of failure severity of complex mechanical systems

Author(s): Xu Bo, Liu Qin, Runhua Tan

en: S-curve analysis on mass production timing using TRIZ

Author(s): Sang-Jong Kim

en: Solving the toner adhesion problem to cyclone in toner manufacturing plant

Author(s): Sung-Wook Kang, Jung-Hyeon Kim

en: Study of integration process model between design-centric complexity theory and TRIZ

Author(s): Ya-fan Dong, Runhua Tan, Dao-zheng Xi, Jun-jie Yan, Peng Zhang

en: Synchronous reluctance machine analysis and electric machine forecasting using TRIZ

Author(s): Tiziana Bertoncelli, Oliver Mayer, Francesco Papini

en: The impact of different TRIZ tools on the creative output of students

Author(s): Khoo Boon How, Issac Lim Sing Sheng

en: The integration of TRIZ and Scamper for a more comprehensive innovative approach

Author(s): Wan-Lin Hsieh, Youn-Jan Lin, Tung-Yueh Pai

en: Trend of increased addressing of human senses - focus on sound

Author(s): Oliver Mayer

en: Trends of increasing localization

Author(s): Vinodh Mewani, G. Nagashiresha

en: TRIZ and value engineering: deeper integration as innovation enhancer

Author(s): Tiziana Bertoncelli, Martha Gardner, Paola Mainardi, Oliver Mayer, Nalini Nanrudaiyan, Michelle Simpson

en: TRIZ based insight problem solving and brainwave analysis using eeg during aha! moment

Author(s): Trizit Benjaboonyazit

en: TRIZ for the development of new materials: some preliminary ideas

Author(s): Stéphane Savelli

en: TRIZ in “copycatting” culture

Author(s): Leonid A. Kaplan

en: TRIZ innovation course for adolescents in Shanghai

Author(s): Huangye Li

en: TRIZ integration for project managers – discovering further TRIZ benefits

Author(s): , Christian M. Thurnes

en: TRIZ maturity evaluation in organizations

Author(s): Yongwei Sun

en: TRIZ practice in the creative career education by the cooperation of kindergarten, elementary school, junior-high school and national college of technology. An application of 3D block to creative education

Author(s): Takayoshi Ohtsu

en: TRIZ-oriented application of innovative methods and construction of collaborative innovation system

Author(s): Yang Jie, Yan Min, Liang Xuemei

en: Types of psychological inertia

Author(s): Simon S. Litvin

en: Using the idealized design methods to realize product design

Author(s): Da-ming Tang, Zhang Ying, Zhao Xin-jun