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TRIZ Fest 2017


en: A praxiological chain model applied to the algorithm of inventive problem solving

Author(s): Maksymilian Smolnik

en: A simple way to perform ceca and generate ideas in practice

Author(s): Arthur Lok

en: A hp-based multi-criteria function analysis as a TRIZ tool for complex technical systems

Author(s): Leszek Chybowski, Katarzyna Gawdzińska, Wojciech Przetakiewicz

en: An improvement for existing function approach

Author(s): Michael Yongmou Liu

en: Application of TRIZ in business systems

Author(s): Siarhei Boika, Andrei G. Kuryan, Dmitry Ogievich

en: Application of TRIZ in ultrasonic brazing quality

Author(s): Kunqiang Lui, Li Lui, Yan Lui, Xiaolei Song

en: Application of TRIZ to research communication skill development

Author(s): Emanuel Leleito, Kiyohisa Nishiyama

en: Applying TRIZ to improve lean product lifecycle management processes

Author(s): Jens Hammer, Martin Kiesel

en: Become user of TRIZ tools instead of to play hide and seek

Author(s): František Palčák

en: Closing the knowledge gaps

Author(s): Piotr Jazwiecki, Marek Zaleski

en: Combining the morphological analysis with TRIZ: the industrial use case

Author(s): Paweł Kłys, Tomasz Nowak, Robert Płatek, Egil Stryken

en: Construction of innovative ecological environment of college students based on TRIZ theory

Author(s): Shi Dongyan, Tang Houcheng, Zhang Ying

en: DFMA and trimming. A comparison of two systematic approaches for simplification of design. Floating squiring toy - case study.

Author(s): Jerzy Michał Obojski

en: Enhancing statistical design of experiments with TRIZ and vice – versa

Author(s): Shree Phadnis

en: Evolution map based in advance invention, process and case studies

Author(s): Chi-Hyun Cho, Chang-Ryong Heo, Dongsup Jang, Siho Jang, Bokyung Kim, Jiho Seo, Dong-Il Son, Mi Jeong Song

en: From problem to objective – complementing TRIZ with NLP

Author(s): Jerzy Chrząszcz

en: Generative inventions

Author(s): Valery M. Tsourikov

en: “How to administer TRIZ?” – Experiences in introducing TRIZ

Author(s): P.V. Narayan, Suresh Rajan

en: How theory of inventive problem solving(TRIZ) can be implemented to automotive industry in the example of Jaguar land rover?

Author(s): Kayhan Sirdar

en: Hybridization of DFSS- and TRIZ-modeling methods within an innovation oriented DFSS-framework

Author(s): , A. Schmidt, Christian M. Thurnes

en: Increased addressing of human senses as a trend

Author(s): Oliver Mayer

en: Initial disadvantages identification

Author(s): Yongwei Sun

en: Integral S-curve analysis


en: Is TRIZ easy, or not?

Author(s): Michał Hałas

en: Mapping TRIZ principles to electromechanical conversion applications

Author(s): Tiziana Bertoncelli, Oliver Mayer, Francesco Papini

en: Modern TRIZ and the concept of antifragility. Friends, enemies or frenemies?

Author(s): Naum B. Feygenson, Oleg N. Feygenson

en: MPV-based engineering system evolution

Author(s): Arthur Lok

en: Nature as a source of function-leading areas for FOS-derived solutions

Author(s): Oleg Y. Abramov, Stéphane Savelli

en: Online TRIZ training: experience with development and delivery

Author(s): Valeri V. Souchkov

en: Open innovation: TRIZ approach vs. crowd sourcing

Author(s): Simon S. Litvin, Peter Rutten

en: Open TRIZ second wave. TRIZ & toc tool

Author(s): José Roberto Espinoza Villarroel

en: Opportunities from integrating TRIZ and IT project management for alignment IT-business

Author(s): Monika Woźniak

en: Optical contradictions in TRIZ: a review

Author(s): Pavel Fimin

en: Quantitative approach to cause-effect chains analysis

Author(s): Jerzy Chrząszcz

en: Report on the 2nd european remote TRIZ workshop

Author(s): Christoph Dobrusskin

en: Research on TRIZ integrated FBS - a representation

Author(s): Shi Dongyan, Tang Houcheng, Zhang Ying

en: Standard VDI 4521 part 3: inventive problem solving with TRIZ: problem solution

Author(s): Robert Adunka, Kai Hiltmann, Norbert Huber, Christian M. Thurnes

en: Suggestion of method of discovering innovative ideas through convergence of TRIZ and big data solution

Author(s): Jung-Hyeon Kim, Jun-Young Lee, Hyung-Seok Yeo

en: Teaching creative problem solving and decision making. University vs. workplace

Author(s): Mark G. Barkan

en: The hero’s journey as a framework for learning and using TRIZ

Author(s): Barbara Gronauer, Horst Thomas Nähler

en: The law of supersystem development

Author(s): Valeri V. Souchkov

en: The identification of contradictions in cliff: an automatized zipper prototype using the TRIZ method with root conflict analysis (RCA+)

Author(s): Mohamad Zairi Baharom, Frank Delbressine, Loe Feijs, Marina Toeters

en: “To beat the market”, or the economic rationale for using TRIZ-based inventions

Author(s): Dmitri A. Bakhturin

en: The study of innovation and improvements of the GD-K77 riken singlepoint type gas detector by applying TRIZ

Author(s): Chan-Tang Fu, Youn-Jan Lin, Tung-Yueh Pai

en: TRIZ and scientific method of cognition. Coordination of approaches.

Author(s): Nikolay Shpakovsky

en: TRIZ for new products: solving “never solvable” problems

Author(s): Krzysztof Kochanowskia, Tomasz Michalik

en: TRIZ implementation experience in Basel

Author(s): Sergey A. Faer, Aleksander V. Kudryavtsev, Sergey A. Yakovenko

en: TRIZ in India and its applications in technical innovation

Author(s): Tito Kishan Vemuri

en: TRIZ in the context of digitalisation and digital transformation

Author(s): Barbara Gronauer, Horst Thomas Nähler

en: TRIZ principles in radiotherapy

Author(s): Maciej Lasota

en: TRIZ problem solving: consulting vs. facilitation

Author(s): Leonid A. Kaplan, Jerzy Michał Obojski

en: TRIZ reccomendations for development of concepts of “learning” products


en: TRIZ-navigator for business models

Author(s): Andrei G. Kuryan, Mikhail S. Rubin

en: Using TRIZ-derived ‘voice of the product’ to identify promising market niches

Author(s): Oleg Y. Abramov, Vladimir Y. Rychagov

en: Smart education. Keynote talk

Author(s): Anatoly Guin, Eugenia Guin

en: Developing creative thinking skills – grade school level propaedeutic course “engineering”

Author(s): Anatoly Guin, Elena Guin, Eugenia Guin

en: Open tasks by making use of wooden and lego play blocks

Author(s): Irena Stańczak

en: The evolution of attitudes to entrepreneurship in people (14-16 years old)

Author(s): Anna Boratyńska-Sala

en: TRIZ for schools

Author(s): Hans Baaijens, Christoph Dobrusskin, Mandy Stoop

en: TRIZ in the teaching of the polish language

Author(s): Jan Boratyński

en: TRIZ invention school for the children and the youth

Author(s): Jung-Hyeon Kim, Mi Jeong Song

en: TRIZ pedagogy as the basis of the educational process

Author(s): Elena M. Gredynarova