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TRIZ Fest 2018


en: TRIZ and Software Evolution

Author(s): Luiz Carlos Guedes

en: TRIZ Modelling of X-Ray Phase Contrast System for Medical Applications

Author(s): Tiziana Bertoncelli, Cristina Cozzini, Guido Kudielka, Oliver Mayer

en: Indicating System Vulnerabilities Within Ceca Model

Author(s): Jerzy Chrząszcz

en: Application of TRIZ Methods for Alternatives in Cardiac Activity Detection in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Author(s): Tiziana Bertoncelli, Guido Kudielka, Oliver Mayer

en: Identification and Utilization of the Most Efficient Resources Among Those Available

Author(s): Naum B. Feygenson, Oleg N. Feygenson

en: Identifying Key Problems and Conceptual Directions: Using the Analytical Tools of Modern TRIZ

Author(s): Oleg Y. Abramov, Stéphane Savelli

en: Paradigming TRIZ as Design Frames in Philosophy Education

Author(s): Christoph Dobrusskin, Ruud Heesen

en: Identifying Key Problems and Conceptual Directions Using the Analytical Tools of Modern TRIZ

Author(s): Vinodh Mewani, G. Nagashiresha

en: Contact Lens Technology Evolution - A Study of Correlation Between Patents and TRIZ Trends

Author(s): Vinodh Mewani, Indrajit Pande

en: Innovation Funnel of Modern Triz: Experimental Study to Show the Efficacy of the TRIZ-Assisted Stage-Gate Process

Author(s): Oleg Y. Abramov, Sergey A. Markosov, Alexander V. Medvedev, Vladimir Y. Rychagov

en: Su-field Analysis in Optics: Research and Practice

Author(s): Pavel Fimin, Vladimir Y. Rychagov

en: The Integration of TRIZ Methods With Eco-design and Lean Design: A Literature Review and Future Research Directions to the Development of a New Model

Author(s): Isabel M. João, Claudia Muiambo, Helena Navas

en: The Fast Diagram for Triz

Author(s): Kai Hiltmann

en: TRIZ Approach to Internet of Things

Author(s): , Andrey Prokofiev

en: Selecting and Validating Key Problems in TRIZ Projects

Author(s): Arthur Lok

en: Triz in Schoolproject Sensus

Author(s): Hans Baaijens, Christoph Dobrusskin, Maritza Rovers, Carla Upperman, Annemieke Vennix, Annemieke Vermeijlen

en: Taking Human Factor Out of Equation. A Technical Remedy for a Managerial Challenge

Author(s): Mark G. Barkan, Sergey A. Faer

en: Method of Paradoxes. For Those Who Have Mastered the Basic Concepts of Classical Triz: Ideality, IFRs, Resources, Contradictions.

Author(s): Mark G. Barkan, Sergey A. Faer

en: Automating TRIZ for Crowdsourcing Applications

Author(s): Andrii Konovalenko, Aleksei Ruin

en: Study of Evolution Patterns of Display and TSP Technology

Author(s): Kunwoo Baek, Kyuhyun Cho, Chang-Ryong Heo, Harksang Kim, Minuk Kim, Mi Jeong Song, Hyung-Seok Yeo

en: Triz&Toc Tool Innovation: Vibration Sensory (Vs) Language for Deaf

Author(s): José Roberto Espinoza Villarroel

en: Contradictions of User Interface (UI)


en: A Theoretical Model and Roadmap for Applying TRIZ in an R&D Organization

Author(s): Arthur Lok

en: Research on Seismic Structure of High Pier Railway Bridge Based on TRIZ

Author(s): Yang Jizhong, Hu Lianjun, Zheng Xiaoyan, Wei Yongxing, Yuan Zhigang

en: Design for Innovative Hydraulic Valve Structure Based on TRIZ and Multi-element Coupled Biomimetic Method

Author(s): Liye Jiao, Vishwanath Pooneeth, Haihang Wang, He Xu, Zitong Zhao

en: Design of Flexible Arm Based on Biotriz and Multi-Factor Coupled Bionic Technology

Author(s): Peng Li, Kundan Sharma, Haihang Wang, He Xu, Wanda Zhao, Xueshan Zhou

en: Feedback to Intermediate Steps in Practical Substance-Field Generation

Author(s): Michael Schöwel

en: Trends of Engineering System Evolution in Toy/Kids Industry

Author(s): Jerzy Michał Obojski

en: Research on Cultivation Mode of Consultants in TRIZ Methodology

Author(s): Alp Lin

en: The TRIZ Introduction at the Enterprises of the Group of Companies Basic Element

Author(s): Naum B. Feygenson, Alexey Y. Fomenko, Oleg Gerasimov, Sergey A. Kondrat, Oleg A. Krayev, Aleksander V. Kudryavtsev, Yuri V. Lebedev, Yuri N. Litvak, Sergey A. Logvinov, Viktor E. Minaker, Vladimir N. Nikitin, Evgeni V. Panchikhin, Elena Redkolis, Andrej B. Rozhnov, Mikhail S. Rubin, Nikolay Y. Saunin, , Mikhail A. Scherbakov, Andrey A. Tarasov, Boris I. Tkachev, Sergey A. Yakovenko