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http://opendiscovery.org/rdf/EcoDesignNode/E1220 (EasyRdf\Resource)
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http://opendiscovery.org/rdf/EcoDesignNode/E1222 (EasyRdf\Resource)
rdf:type od:EDPNode
skos:prefLabel "2.2.2. Reduce raw material packaging"
skos:example "Procter & Gamble introduced a stand- alone rigid tube. So it was been possible eliminate the box", "Nestl? redesign the bottle and cap to make them lighter. Also narrowed the label. "
od:Suggestion "Use raw material packaging only when/where is needed and in only exact quantity. To do this you can use optimization tool, trimming, TRIZ operative zone, explore other technologies."
od:hasLevel "Level_3"
skos:broader http://opendiscovery.org/rdf/EcoDesignNode/E1220