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Metadata from the WTSP Project

This is a first version of metadata to ease the navigation within the WTSP project of Toru Nakagawa. WTSP stands for "World TRIZ-related Sites Project". The project initiator was awarded as TRIZ Champion in 2021. For more information about the goals, mission and history we refer to the website of the project.

Sites listed in the WTSP Project

  1. CN-01: National Engineering Research Center for Technological Innovation Method and tool
  2. JP-01: TRIZ Home Page in Japan (Toru Nakagawa)
  3. MY-01: MyTRIZ (Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association) Official Website
  4. RUL-01: The official foundation of G.S. Altshuller
  5. RUL-02: OTSM by Nikolai Khomenko
  6. RUL-03: Methodologist
  7. RUL-04: MATRIZ (The International TRIZ Association)
  8. RUL-05: Education for a New Era
  9. RUL-07: GRAMTRIZ (Global Russian Academy of Modern TRIZ) by Prof. Michael Orloff
  10. RUL-12: Institute of Innovative Design
  11. RUL-20: TRIZ-Art school of Roman Florescu "TRIZ-CREATIVITY"
  12. RUL-30: TRIZ Master Leonard Vikentjev
  13. RUL-36: TRIZ Developer Summit / TDS
  14. TN2A-03: ETRIA (The European TRIZ Association)
  15. TN2A-04: TJ (The TRIZ Journal)
  16. TN2A-06: ICG (ICG Training and Consulting)
  17. TN2A-12: Wikipedia
  18. TN2A-47: Systematic Innovation Inc.
  19. TN2A-48: AULIVE
  20. TN2F-02: AI (The Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies)
  21. TN2F-04: Ideation International, Inc. (Where Innovation Begins)
  22. TN2F-06: TRIZ Power Tools (
  23. TN2F-07: GEN-TRIZ