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The WUMM Ontology Project

We proudly present the reengineering along established semantic web concepts of a small part of the TRIZ Ontology Project. It's a first hack, more detailed explanations will be comiled elsewhere.

For the moment we compiled

The concepts from the different sources are tagged with different rdf:type, that all are subtypes of skos:Concept to follow up their provenience. Some more efforts are required to unify the URIs of the concepts between the different sources.

There is a link attached to each such concept that leads to the full information about that topic extracted from our SPARQL Endpoint including all direct successors (i.e. objects, where the given concept is the subject) and predecessors (i.e. subjects, where the given concept is the object). This allows for a first navigation through the full WUMM RDF Data stored so far.

You can follow up secondary links in such a presentation to different concepts in the WUMM RDF database to get a similar representation for those concepts. In particular you can get listed all instances of a given RDF type, calling the listing of that type, since the instances are predecessors of the type for the predicate rdf:type.

Links to sources outside the WUMM RDF database call the target page directly. For the moment this mainly concerns links to web pages (in Russian) of the TRIZ Ontology Project.